These legacy products are no longer available but some information is provided for reference purposes

The Model 306 VOC Analyser

The Bloodhound 306 was a mains powered analyser unit primarily designed for use in laboratory conditions. It was available from 2006 to 2013 and sold under the brand name of Senstive Technologies. The sensor head housed 6 selected organic semiconductor sensors which were stimulated using some novel and original circuitry . Different sensor combinations were offered depending upon the intended application. It was connected with a laptop or a PC computer using the USB connection and featured an advanced software package which ran under the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. This sosftware stored comprehensive data for each measurement; data that could be downloaded for use in a spreadsheet or other means of post-processing.

The 306 had 2 outputs per sensor and variable flow rates and featured rapid sampling - the average sampling time was about 1 minute. The sensors were sensitive and tunable to a broad range of volatiles. All the results were easily exportable to external statistics packages such as Microsoft Excel, statistics package XLStat, MatLab, etc.


Odour Space E-nose Analyser

The Odour Space instrument was manufactured under the Senstive Technologies brand and was a compact model designed for daily use in industry; agriculture and healthcare. It was a lower cost model which could be operated by non-technical staff with a minimum of training. It was largely based upon the electronics of the Model 306 and used the same sensor array with a total of 6 selected organic semiconductor sensors. It was connected with a laptop or a PC computer using the USB connection and introduced a simple to us software pack which produced a pictorial red or green indication which could be used as a 'Pass' or 'Fail' indication so allowing materials and processes to be monitored for any change from normal or the reference condition. However the software still retained all the detailed data which could subsequently be reviewed in the laboratory or office. The Odour Space was a popular instrument and work is underway to develop a modern version of this useful instrument.


Bloodhound BH114 VOC Analyser

The The Bloodhound BH114 was a compact instrument which housed an array of 14 sensors, and was connected to a laptop using the serial port. The data processing was performed using Microsoft Excel add-ons with the option of adding some specialised add-ons such as Neuralyst from the Palisade Corporation. The sensor technology was based on organic semiconductors and discotic liquid crystals and these devices were also available individually or in an array. The BH114 and the ST214, had proven track records in the detection and identification of bacteria and fungi and in food and water quality