Health Screening

RoboScientific has proven that our technology for testing VOCs, when applied to specific conditions and diseases is effective and reliable in providing fast and accurate diagnoses. There are a wide range of applications that can benefit from this technology and RoboScientific assists leading health specialists to continue this research, including:

  • Fast detection of disease from a breath or sputum sample
  • Field studies undertaken for Tuberculosis and other diseases
  • Specific low-cost instrumentation is under development for further use in field trials

There are many applications for health screening which could use our VOC analysers. For example:


RoboScientific has worked with a number of research partners to explore the opportunities for using VOC analysis to give quicker; lower-cost; and accurate diagnosis of a number of common diseases. It is expected that the adoption of our technology could eventually lead to more rapid interventions and better outcomes for the patients.


Diagnosing Tuberculosis Using Exhaled Breath Analysis. Tuberculosis (TB) is currently responsible for many deaths worldwide. There are around 8.6 million new cases, and about 1.3 million deaths from TB every year (World Health Organisation figures). Diagnosis is still mostly performed by trained technicians examining sputum samples in the laboratory.


In one study the sensitivity for the detection of culture-proven TB was 89% with a specificity of 91% and the positive and negative predictive values were 88% and 92% respectively. These results were obtained using a 'general purpose' sensor array rather than one populated with sensors selected for their sensitivity to the known VOC markers of this disease. RoboScientific now has a wider array of sensors and is planning to repeat the exercise with an aim of achieving 99% accurate detection and faster diagnostic times.
Research bodies and other interested parties interested in participating in this work are urged to contact the company to discuss the project.