The Model 307 VOC Analyser is the first in a new generation of products. It is in production and available in limited quantities now.

Introduction to the instrument

The Model 307 is a mains powered VOC analyser primarily designed for use in a laboratory or a Quality Assurance facility, although it has been used successfully in locations such as farms and industrial facilities during our field trials. The basic model is available with a number of options to suit different applications.

The Model 307 is a compact, rapid response and robust identification system for volatiles and gas mixtures. The detection of the VOCs is performed using an array of the unique RoboScientific organic semiconductor sensors. The 307 can be fitted with an array to suit your intended application and has the capability of housing between 6 and 12 individual sensors. Single VOC compounds or mixtures can be identified, after making reference measurements, by using the 'fingerprint' pattern generated from the sensors. Our sophisticated algorithms allow the instrument to be able to identify different compounds, or provides an immediate 'Good-Bad', 'Yes-No'; reaction depending upon the user's requirements and the skill of the operator.

The instrument is typically used with a lap-top computer or PC via a USB connection which allows the download of comprehensive data for subsequent analysis.




Key Features


  • Uses the unique and patented RoboScientific family of organic semiconductor sensors
  • The sensor heads can house between 6 and 12 specific sensor types to match the application
  • The complete sensor head can be changed for an alternative type at the factory
  • A measurement is taken of the relative humidity in the headspace; to assist in the comparison of different measurements
  • The sensors are held at a stable operating temperature by small heaters
  • USB connection to a lap-top or PC running the Windows 10 operating system
  • The sensors are subjected to a complex stimulation technique with measurement of the changing impedance (patent applied for)
  • Many parameters (such as the stimulation signals and the sampling duty cycles) can be pre-determined to suit the customer's intended application to ensure that accurate and relevant data is provided
Alternative sensor head options

The Model 307 is available as a general purpose analyser with a standard array of sensors which have been proven over many years to give useful and accurate results. Alternatively application specific sensor heads can be manufactured to meet the customer's requirements. Over the years RoboScientific has undertaken field trials and feasibility studies in a large number of applications and industries and so can offer solutions for specific criteria in terms of the target VOCs; the required selectivity and the required sensitivity. For new applications RoboScientific can commission a trial and design new sensor types but this additional work is always subject to negotiation and agreement.